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I love great statement pieces!

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great example of ballet flats for work!

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Breitling Navitimer, an absolute classic timepiece. Another favorite of mine and my boyfriend as well :)

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Ties and V-neck sweaters, always a classic combo :)

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Great basics from the closet accented with accessories! The shoes, sunglasses and bangles really bring these basic wardrobe pieces to another level. 

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GO ahead, pile them on! (But don’t go crazy).

They key to keeping your wardrobe updated is ACCESSORIES!

When it comes to tops and bottoms don’t buy too many fashion pieces. Don’t buy a bright patterned skirt and overly embellished bedazzled top. Stick to solid colors and simple patterns when purchasing clothing. Instead buy a simple black A-line or Pencil skirt and spice it up with an exotic snakeskin belt with a huge buckle or a bright colored skinny belt. On top, keep it simple with a solid colored fitted or or flowy shirt and rock it out with some layered necklaces or some thick chunky bangles. Shoes are another way to spice up your outfit too! If your going casual put on some skinny jeans and a solid colored V-neck T with a colorful scarf and great handbag! (Keep the accessories on and tuck that T-shirt into a skirt and add a blazer for a whole different look!) If you MUST buy a fashion top or bottom piece, try buying a blazer or skirt in a bright color or jewel toned color. Or buy a basic wrap or sheath dress with unique buttons or details. 

Remember, with key basic pieces in your closet such as nicely tailored skirts and blazers, great jeans and simple, versatile tops - your wardrobe will go a LONG way. Using accessories to stay update date with trends is much easier AND your wallet will thank you :)

When looking at these examples, remember the simple tops and bottoms which are accented with accessories. 

Examples to Follow: 

Keep reading for more examples!

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Putting a twist on your key pieces. Instead of your typical A-line, get in in a mini and in lace! Great accessories always pull the whole outfit together :)

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A great classic and a favorite of my boyfriend!


Getting closer..

Wallabies v Samoa!

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Taping into your 10 Essentials for GUYS! I will soon do a 10 essentials for guys, it stays fairly the same with the exception of things like the skirt.

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Put your RIGHT foot in!

DO NOT wear open toed shoes to an interview or at work - particularly in the office or in a school setting.

I was watching the news today and there was a segment on people wearing FLIP-FLOPS in the workplace! *GASP* But given the week of 100 degree weather I guess I can’t blame them!

Wearing open toed shoes looks informal and unprofessional. It can come off as too sexy or casual and you don’t want to give off either of those impressions in the work place. Opt instead for a rounded or slightly rounded toed pump with a stacked heel 3-3.5 inches in height. Stacked heels won’t kill your feet and anything higher than 4 inches will come off as a party shoe (there are some exceptions see below Joie shoe). The only exception  to the open toe rule is in the spring or summer when occasionally you can do a nicer sandal, you be the judge. (Please don’t do a strappy gladiator sandal, or caged heel - keep those for the weekends.) You know your workplace and what is appropriate. In addition do NOT wear ballet flats to an interview. Once your on the job, work ballet flats are fine but in an interview they look too casual. Remember, closed toe can be fun! Don’t settle for plain pumps, go for fun colors and embellishments, just remember to keep your outfit neutral with solid colors if you decide to do an embellished shoe! READ MORE to see some exaples of my picks for work! 

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Remember your 10 essentials take you through any season! This is a great casual summer outfit that utilizes your staple pieces while looking up to date w/ a skinny belt.

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A true Caribbean teal hue - OBSESSED.

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